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Pass4sure Privacy Policy - Terms and Condition


Terms & Condition for using this website

Before proceeding on this website, you should make sure that you understand and agree to the contents Privacy Policy, devised by Apass4sure.


Liabilities & Warranties

Apass4sure has tried its level best to provide the clients with the best, accurate, authentic and up-to-date information through this website. However in case of any discrepancy, inaccuracy, or invalidity of information, Apass4sure does not provide and warranty whatsoever and cannot be designated responsible for any damages.  


Apass4sure does not claim that the content of the website will always be virus or bugs free. The clients are therefore advised to arrange their own firewalls and anti-virus programs to avoid any potential threat to their systems while downloading files from the website. We do not claim that the contents of the website are recommended or prescribed material for any vendor exam. The preparatory material is meant to enhance and deepen the understanding of the clients.



Apass4sure enjoys the sole ownership of the contents, graphics, images, software, applications, study material; guides and paper formats available on this website. It includes also the trademark, style and format of hr content as being copyrighted. Apass4sure does not allow, copying, downloading or use of any of the website content by anyone without a prior permission from the company.


Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Apass4sure clearly states the protection of information of its clients; their financial transactions with Apass4sure, bank account details and personal information such as email addresses and contact details.


Apss4sure guarantees that the personal information of the clients is not saved and is immediately discarded from its records, neither it is shared or sold to any third party or institutions. Apass4sure uses the best electronic system, softwares and applications to ensure all possible security to the clients on its website.